Do you love me enough that I may be weak with you?
Reminder: You are under no obligation to look pretty.


Not when you are laying around the house, not when you go to the grocery store, not when you sit in a classroom, not when you go to the gym. You are never obligated to get dressed up just so you are pretty for others.

Pretty is not the rent you pay to exist in the world as a woman. 

UnknownLittle Bit
byUnknown Lykke Li ft. Drake


Isn’t amazing how people don’t give a shit about misogyny until they can accuse muslims of it in order to justify their islamaphobia?


Asia, July 2014. Nick’s Diner. Los Angeles, CA

Outfit from a while ago when I spent the day in Shimokitazawa (as usual)♥

Darwin’s finches, Biological Science: the web of life, Australian Academy of Science 1967

raoul de keyser untitled, 1999

Ceramic hand.
Made by Kaye Blegvad.


wes anderson movies taught me that fucked up horrifying tragic living circumstances are no excuse not to carefully maintain a cute pastoral aesthetic at all times